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Cute short nail ideas

Hi guys, 

today with Essie and Adore Beauty, we're going to be doing some nail art looks that you can do at home using tools that you already have. It's so soothing. Yeah, it's like, yes tell me more.,- For our first look we're going to be doing an ombre nail art look and all you'll need at homes a simple makeup sponge, which we're gonna be using to do the fade., And the colors that we're, 

gonna be using today, are from the Essie Gel Couture range, which lasts up to 12 days, and you don't need a base coat, but you do need the topcoat.,I always start any nail art look, by cleansing the nail first, so using a bit of nail polish remover, to clean the nail just, to get rid of any oils, or dust, or debris will make, your manicure lasts much longer.,Then we're just going to do, one coat of your base color, Gossamer Garments., Then we're just gonna let, that one dry for a little bit.,Then we're just going to do two coats.,I usually would paint my worst side first, so that my, I can just get, it out of the way. Not really, or you could just clean it up afterward., 

So after your second coat, you just really wanna make, sure that that's quite dry before you put any other color on., So, sorry squeaky chair., For the ombre part of this look, you will just need something, to use as a palette, and your makeup sponge., Using the very corner of the sponge, we're just going to paint, some of the polish on it, we're using Model Citizen., And to start with, we're just going to, pop it back on the palette and, get rid of some of the paint, so that you just have a, a little a tiny bit on there.,Then, going on the tip of your nail, we're just gonna press really lightly, across just dab it on., And we're just gonna dab it down the nail., You just wanna press really, lightly so that you don't, damage the wet polish underneath., 

I'm gonna go in again., Again, removing some more of the polish, and you wanna concentrate a bit more on it, at the very tip of the nail.,So then you've got a bit of, a faded kind of ombre look.,and then repeat over, the rest of the nails.,A lot of people get this done, with a white and a nude for, kind of like a french ombre for weddings, something very popular.,I'm just gonna get our normal brush, which you could just get, from like a stationary store, or a jeweler shop you just need, just a normal brush dipped in acetone, and you just, if you've got, any little bits on the edge, you can clean that., You can also just use a cotton pad, just the edge of a cotton pad., And then using your gel topcoat, starting at the base, we're, just gonna brush backward.,When you put the top coat on, it'll blend all of the colors back together as well, so you get a nice, smooth transition.,And then always finish with cuticle oil.,

Just wanna brush it at, the bottom of the nail, because we've used some, nail polish remover to start, to get all of the oils off, you might need a little more hydration.,It's good to pop it on your cuticles because it's where your nail matrix is, where your nail is made so it helps you have nice, healthy nails.,They're actually so good, that, it dries so fast it's so easy to do like sometimes an ombre can be hard if it's just if it's too, thicky takes ages to dry, but that dries really nicely., For this look, we're going to be doing, an abstract look.,The tools that you'll, need is just a hairpin, 

which is, or a bobby pin if you like, but I find that these hairpins are nice and flat on the bottom, which is great for doing, little dots and things.,We're gonna need a palette again, and just your colors., So we're going to do a base coat, of the Essie All in One., So the Essie All in, One is both a base coat and a topcoat., Which is a really nice, thin consistency, so it stays nice and thin under, all of the layers of your colors., It's always good to use a base coat, Because it protects, your nails from staining, and it helps your nails last a lot longer.,Then we're gonna do two, coats of Sand Tropez. 

My all-time favorite is an Essie color, I can never remember that periwinkle one., I think it's Bikini so Teeny., So that's two coats.,We're just gonna let that dry a little bit, in between doing our art., Next, we're gonna do some abstract shapes, with just the brush that, comes with the bottle.,So we're gonna use the color, Blanc., So you don't wanna have, too much nail polish, on the brush here.,So you're just gonna, wipe it out a few times.,And then we're just gonna do, quite rough, abstract shapes on here.,Just use a really light touch., You can go over it again, in pieces, if you feel like, you need a little bit more coverage, or if you wanna have a few, more kind of scratch marks.,Just gonna stop with two here.,Then we're gonna get our color Licorice, which is for our black detailing.,And we're just going to, pop the little bit of it, onto our palette., Then, using your hairpin, we're just gonna pull it apart.,And dip it into the palette.,We're gonna do some little dots, so you can have a little,

test on your palette first, to make sure that you, get some nice, fine dots, just to test it out., And we're just going, to dot them on the edge, of the shape.,The best part about this look is that you, don't need to be super precise, so you don't need to worry too, much about it being perfect, you don't have to have, super great art skills, for it to still look really cool., Now, at this point, you can choose, whether or not you go and, do it on all of your nails, or you can keep it quite simple,

 it's supposed to be a minimal look, so we're gonna leave it here today, and we're just going to, follow along with a topcoat., So we are going to use the Gel SetterYou might wanna wait a little bit, just for your colors to dry, just so you don't get any smudging, and a real cane for putting on the topcoat, is to not be pressing down too hard., So you're just gonna wanna, float the brush across the nail, and not drag the color too much., And then you're all done! So next we're gonna be, doing a negative space look, which is usually clear or really sheer, the base color underneath.,And then a stronger color, in some kind of geometric, or abstract shape.,So we're just gonna do, one really thin base coat, we're going to be using the clear color in Gloss Fit, from the Treat Love and Color range., This is a really great thing, to be using on the base because it offers you,60 percent less peeling, and 35 percent less breakage, just from one week of wear.

Next for our color, we're going to be using, Bordeaux which is a, really beautiful deep red., With this look, we're, just going to be doing, a bit of a geometric tip, so it'll be slightly angled., We're just gonna be using, just the actual brush, that came with the bottle.,You can, of course, use different nail art, striping brushes, and things like that, but this is just a nice quick easy one., So we're going to remove, a lot of the color, off the brush, really don't, wanna have much at all, and just make the brush, on the sides super thin.,So we're just going to, do this first stroke, as a bit of a guide, you, don't have to worry too much, if it's a bit patchy or not perfect, because we can fill it, in on our second coat.,We're just gonna start in the corner, and stroke straight across., That just gives you a bit of a patchy guide.,And then we're just, gonna go in and quickly, fill out the edges.,

Then we're just gonna carry on and do this, on all of them to give it a chance to dry., So that is the basis of your look., As you can see, it's kind of a feature,  that the base is clear.,  We did the same with the, for Joanna,  for her Christmas nails, which we did a clear, with little snowflakes and snowmen, so you'll have to go back, and have a look at those.,We're gonna let that dry a little bit.,With your second application of the color, you don't want to go as, thin as you did before, but also try and not, keep the color too thick, as you still want it to be able to dry, so keep a consistent amount, of polish on the brush.,- [Maddy] It's giving me real like, subtle tango vibes Like murderess vibes.,- Yeah it is a little bit, isn't it? Next, we're just gonna go, back with our paintbrush, and clean up the edges.,You always wanna do, this before you topcoat, so that you get a nice, the clean sheet on the end., One more advanced tip I guess if you feel super confident if you have a nice flat top 

brush, and you feel like you've, made any little mistakes, on the outside of your straight line, you can use this brush, with a little bit of nail polish remover, and then just quickly go in, and clean up around the line., Next, we're just gonna finish, with a clear topcoat.,We're gonna be using the Gel Setter, which is a bit more of a nice, thicker shiny consistency.,I always find that a top coat, always really makes the nail, the art looks so much better.,And then you're done lastly, to finish, don't, forget about those cuticles., Cuticle oil also is really great, if it's applied every day., 

Apply the cuticle oil and you can also, rub it into the nail itself, and it'll stop the nail from drying out, and you might get longer, wear out of your polish., The few things that I would really, say to take away from this are, always use a base coat, and a topcoat as well, to make it last longer, always use cuticle oil, even if you don't have, any polish on your nails, it's really great to help, the growth of your nails, and to keep them healthy, and always to start by cleansing the nail., we'd love to see the looks, that you create yourself, so just tag adore the beauty, in any of your looks, and we would love to see them.,Good luck.

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