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Introduction of Fat loss workout

So today I'll be bringing you guys another beginner's workout and this time will be 15 minutes with no jumping. This workout is perfect for you if you're just starting a fitness journey and I remember back then when I started exercising I didn't like what guys wear there was a lot of movements that were too difficult and I didn't even know if I was doing them right so don't worry.

All these movements in this workout are beginner-friendly and there's also no jumping less risk of injuries and you can focus more on just getting the movement right. If you live with someone else or live in an apartment and don't want to disturb your neighbors, this is the perfect quiet cardio for you. 

Workout Table Of Fat loss workout

(1) Windmill 

(2) Squat Punch 

(3) Slow Crunch

(4) Ballet Half Kick

(5) Inch Worm

(6) Legs Only ab Bike

(7) High Plank to down Dog 

(9) Plank 

(10) Standing Ab Bike 

(11) Leg Drop 

(12) Arm Plus Leg Raise 

(13) Walking Burpees

(14) Legs Flutter 

(15) Shoulder Tap Plus Thigh Tap 

If You have any problem how to do Copy workout name and Search on google 

My biggest tip for someone new to fitness is to start with small steps. So 15 minutes a day is good enough. You just need to start feeding the habit of being active and taking care of your body and just staying consistent. It's also super important to find a workout that you enjoy because if you don't you'll probably just give up after a few days well I hope you are going to like this workout and if you're ready let's go.

Before we start this workout reminds yourself of your goals why you're here today and how you can push yourself to give it your all in these 15 minutes to get you one step closer to your goals.


We'll then first start with a windmill to warm up our body for the fat-burning processes to begin. Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Toes pointing outspread your arms straight out to the side.

Keeping your legs and back straight rotate your torso to the side as you engage your abs and lower back to bend down so that you touch your opposite foot with one arm while you extend the other towards the sky. 

Look up to your fingers to get as much rotation of your torso and shoulders as you can. Make sure you are keeping your back flat and your core nice and tight Rotate in a controlled motion. Your breath should quicken a little bit. Feel free to go faster for more burn Rest Good job guys, you did great. 

squat punch

let's get ready for our second exercise squat punch for one of my favorite full-body fat-burning exercise starting in a sumo squat stance meaning feet are wider apart then hit with distance hands together in front of your chest squat down as you lower your bum chest up and eyes looking 

to the front, once your thighs are almost parallel to the floor hold it there extend one arm to punch to the opposite side followed by the other than stand back up and this completes one rep the harder you punch the more calories you burn this is working our legs our abs our arms back shoulders. 

slow crunch

So let's keep it up! (Rest) Next one.

Let's lie down on the mat to focus on working the ABS slow crunch this is my favorite app exercise in the world. I used to do it all the time bend your knees hands behind your headInhale and exhale as you crunch your abs to curl your upper body up Do it slowly and pause at the top for one to two seconds until you can feel a burn in the abs here we’re not doing it fast. 

The slower you go the more it works the abs keep your abs pulled in throughout the whole movement (Rest) That was such a good burn guys. I always love this exercise. 

Ballet Half Kick

The next one will stay on the mat to work on our thighs Ballet Half Kick

Resting your upper body on the right elbow bent at a 90-degree angle right leg straight on the floor point your left upper thigh to us the sky with knees bent then for every single rep keep your left foot straight up the harder.

You kick the more burn you'll get in your thighs switch side after 22 seconds two one switch the fifth exercise let's stand back up.


It's time for inchworm another one of the most frequent full-body exercises I do Walk your hand forward until you're in a high plank position hands below your shoulder hold your core tight to

make sure your body is in a straight line then walk your hands back to your feet and this is one rep repeat for forty-five seconds this is a very effective full-body exercise because we're working the arms chest back and abs plus we're stretching the hamstrings.

Legs Only ab Bike

Don't stop keep moving (Rest) we finished one time of this workout ready good work sick as slicked on the Legs Only ab Bike  Elbows on the floor supporting your upper torso up so that only your butt is on the floor crunching your abs lift both legs off 

the floor and cycle your legs by bringing one knee in towards your chest and at the same time straightening the other leg out know you're feeling sore in the lower abs and the legs but it means we're getting the burn we want.

High Plank to down Dog

So keep going No dropping the legs we can do this (Rest) another one done seven is
High Plank to down Dog

for another full-body burn (Exercise) Starting in high plank position then press your arms into the floor shoulders away from your ears but lifted in the air to form an upside-down this is your down dot position then come back down into a high plank looks so simpleBut the key

here is to walk your apps so that your body is in one straight line in high plank and also working your arms and shoulders for down dog Don't give up guys. We're almost halfway through the work you put in is going to be worth it. Keep pushing!
Front lunge
(Rest) Well stand back up for an eighth exercise Front lunge to work on the legs and give her arms and abs a break (Exercise) Stand up tall hands on your waist keeping your upper body straight with your shoulder's back and relaxed and chin up step forward with one leg lower your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degrees angle make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle not push out too far Keep the weight in your heels as you squeeze the booty to push back up to the starting position this is one repAlternate between sides for 45 seconds only less than half of the workouts left. We're doing amazing. So no quitting


(Rest) the Ninth exercise will get back onto the floor for a classic old plank It's simple but it's tough and it's one of the most effective exercises that ever exist Elbows on the ground shoulder with apart Making a triangle base with your forearms with your legs spine and neck in the straight line neutral positionThe key here is to brace your core and push your belly button in towards your spine just hold it there until forty-five seconds is up It's not easy I know but I'm here suffering together with you guys almost there. Stay strong. We're stronger than we think so let's do it! (Rest) drink some water and we'll Standing Ab Bike exercise standing at pipe (Exercise) Fingers lay behind your head Crunch your abs as you raise one knee and twist your upper body towards the knee to try to touch it with your opposite elbow This is one rep Alternate between sides for forty-five seconds where we're working our lower abs and the side of our abs Giving I love handles the burn so really crunch them up every time we twist our body and raise the knee


Only five more minutes to go Eleventh is leg drop. This is an easier version than leg raises.
So it's perfect for beginners to train the lower abs (Exercise) Lie flat on the floor raise both legs towards the ceiling so that they're perpendicular to the floor tighten your abs then slowly lower your right leg until it is only a few inches off the floor or As low as you can go without lifting your back off the floor rise it back up. Then lower your left leg and bring it back up alternate between sides for 45 secondsRemember to try and engage your apps as much as you can and keep your entire back on the floor. Push it guys were towards the end of this workout. This is not the time to slack. I have faith in you.
Let's get it done! (Rest) Eleven down and four more to go.

Arm Plus Leg Raise

Twelve is Arm Plus Leg Raise to train the core and back as well as balance and coordination (Exercise) First come into all four hands and knees on the floor making sure your palms are under your shoulders and your knees are under your hip Extend one arm forward and at the same time lift your opposite

leg behind you brings it to hip height Remember to tighten your core to keep your balance. You don't need to do it fast here, Let's do it nice and controlled and try our best to focus on

not fall even if you don't worry Just get right back up and keep going (Rest) You did so well let's finish this workout strong and get to our thirteen exercise walking burpees I know we
walking burpees
all hate burpees but I especially designed this less intense version for you guys (Exercise)
Let's do it together First, bend down and put your hands below your shoulder then step your feet back one by one as you bend your elbows Lower your whole body to the floor then push yourself back up and walk your feet back to your hands stand up tall and this is one rep not too bad right, If you feel like it's easy to go faster for more calories burn and you can even add in the jumping like the ricked burpees I added burpees in my workouts all the time because it's the best full-body movement for fat burning Keep the speed up and give an extra push. We're almost done and we're already onto a 14th exercise only two more exercises to go Legs flutter for another lower abs burn start by lying flat on your backhands below your foot raise your legs pointing up to the sky so that they're
Legs flutter
Perpendicular to the floor than working your ups Flutter your legs as you lower them down by making small rep head up and down scissor-like motions the key is to focus on having your midsection do all the work and to keep your abs constantly contracted Don't let your legs touch the floor when they reach the bottom.

Well as I'm back up to the starting positionLess than two minutes to go guys. Keep going. We have come too far to quit now. We're super close today (Rest) and we're onto the last exercise. Shoulder Tap Plus Thigh Tap  for the final full-body burn 

Shoulder Tap Plus Thigh Tap

Beginning high plank position first raise one arm it has two opposite shoulder then repeat on the other side and then tap the same side of your side one on first followed by the other So tap the shoulder thigh. You got to remember you're not just working your arms here. 

But you're also working your abs engage your core to keep the balance your hip is not moving from side to side. This is the last exercise guys. We're not stopping we're not dropping down only a few more seconds to go. 

Give it your all and we're done a good job for getting this workout done together with me it's not easy especially if you're just starting on your fitness journey so great work you'll get stronger and better in time 

We'll stretch out our abs and also our back legs and hips if you want a complete stretch for the full-body I'll link my short video up here as well. I hope you had a great workout with me and I'll see you again very soon

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