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How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days


hello guys you can, subscribe here right side page button and remember it's free, and I'll also leave you all of my social, media so you can follow me everything, have you guys ever heard of the military diet or the diets that promise, you that in three days you're gonna lose, ten pounds I have and I did them when I, was in high school so many people think, that it's hard to lose weight and, sometimes they have an event or they, just get super frustrated and they say, okay 

I'm gonna go on this three-day diet, I'm gonna lose 10 pounds and yeah maybe, you will lose some weight which it's not, even fat it's just water weight but the problem is that your body goes into, starvation mode and what's the problem, with this it means that your body, doesn't know you're doing a diet the, the body just knows that you're not giving, it food so when you do give it food it's, gonna keep it and it's gonna store it as, fat not only are you gonna regain 

The weight that you lost you're gonna gain, even more, it's gonna damage your, digestive system and in the long run, it's gonna affect you because when you, do try to lose weight healthfully it's, gonna take you longer the sooner you, stop doing those diets the better we get, into these yo-yo diets and many people, can be doing those tights their whole, life the reality is that whatever we, want to accomplish  

in life is gonna take, time dedication discipline, and constancy, but you know what you can do, something that I've learned after, changing my lifestyle is that I'm, capable of much more than I even, imagined I now know what's good for my, body what it doesn't like I am now a master of my own body that's what we, 

want your goal should be to lose weight, and not gain that person that, you imagine yourself to be that you wish, to be that's you that person that's lean, feels light that is full of energy and, vitality is just getting rid of all the junk and letting it come out and that's, why I'm here because I want you to feel, your best physically emotionally and, even spiritually 

all right, so how are you going to lose weight, number one is that I want you guys to, get a pen and paper and I want you to, ask yourself these questions, where do I want to get to what do I want, to accomplish how much weight do I want, to lose how do I see myself just, ask yourself these questions and write, it down write down what you want in life,

and to lose weight we're gonna do it in, a loving way so something that I've, learned is to learn to love, myself and when I was first starting, I wrote down things about myself that I, loved some of the things that I wrote is, first of all, is I love you I, love you believe that just for existing, and being you is enough to remember that, your value is not based on what you do, on how much money you have or in your, accomplishments 

so I recommend that you, do that and that you look at it the first time I wrote it I cried because it was something so beautiful, that I was telling myself at the moment, I didn't believe it but I would look at it, it and I would say it and I would look, at myself in the mirror and just repeat, it and it helped a lot ok so now, that you've done that and 

you're decided, that you're gonna lose weight these are, some of the tips that I recommend 1number, Number one is eliminating all of the junk food, from your house if you can if you don't, have the temptation you're less likely, to go towards it

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

Number two is to try to, eliminate as much as you can of animal, protein I know a lot of you

guys are, already vegan or vegetarian but if, you're not I recommend you do, this because animal protein is more than,70 percent fat, which is not gonna help you to lose, weight and it contains

a lot of toxins, that are detrimental to your health

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

Number 3 is, start your day with 1 liter of water, hydrate this is gonna help your, digestive system just helping the elimination process

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

Number 4 starts your day, with fruits vegetables or a smoothie or, a juice I have so many recipes here and, I also have a smoothie, which can help you too and, just by replacing your breakfast you're, starting on the right foot another, the thing that you can do is 

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

Number 5 take healthy, snacks to school or for work because, once you're prepared you're less likely, to go to the bad stuff so being prepared, is super super important

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

Finally, an active go out and walk or run or, whatever exercise I have a lot of Post here on my website  that can help you, just staying active not only gonna help, you lose weight but feel better about yourself,

so it's healthy to lose from 1/2 to 2, pounds a week depending on how much, weight you have to lose that's the healthy weight you should be losing not,10 pounds in 3 days so if you want to, take it to the next level 

so do it now you can do, this you can do this, just get rid of the junk don't pay, attention to the marketing and just, start eating whole fruits and vegetables if you want to start eating some cooked, it's okay you can eat some steamed, vegetables some rice some pretty coil is, some steamed potatoes or yam anything

but just getting away from the protein, the animal protein, and the junk food and, the processed food is gonna be the best, thing that you're gonna do for your, health for your weight for your mood for, everything and honestly will change your, life 


I hope you guys try it thank you, guys, so much for reading my article, please give me a thumbs up and like it, if you liked it let me know in the, comments below if you have tried any of, my challenges so that people can get, inspired if they want to do one or let, I know if you have any recommendations, that you guys want to, see, I love seeing your 

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