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Makeup looks for hooded eyes

Makeup looks for hooded eyes


if you're new here welcome you're probably reading this tutorial, because you either have hooded eyes or droopy eyes or you just want some tips, and tricks on how to do foxy eyes if so you’ve landed on the right tutorial, today I'll show you how to lift your

droopy or hooded eyes or even if you, have a monolid or any kind of eye for that matter you know just giving you, that extra lift without surgery this kind of a look whether with or without, surgery is very popular among the celebrities and is often associated with, Bella Hadid it's called the Bella Hadideye lift makeup so if you want to know how, I got this look please keep on reading  you can use this method on any eye shape, but today


I'm going to be giving you more tips for hooded eyes and droopy, eyes just some things that I've learned along the way hoping that it'll help you, too as most of you know I have hooded eyes so what are hooded eyes let's look, straight in the mirror and let's try to look at our lids if you can barely see, your lid space because it's probably hiding under some extra skin or the hood, then you have hooded eyes now because the hood is resting on your lid it can, make your eyes look heavy and droopy and for that reason this kind of eye, makeup that

I'll be showing you today where you're lifting your eyes can make, your eyes look more alert of course there are several different ways to do it, like Botox and cosmetic surgery but today we'll be playing with colors, adding some shadows and highlights to lift our eyes now the way to lift, your eyes up is to move everything in the outward and upward direction so my, tip number one is to tie your hair up and as tight as possible we're, doing the same thing that they do in cosmetic surgeries they lift it and, tighten

Makeup looks for hooded eyes

it so we're doing the same by pulling our hair back and tightening it, up, of course, this is not a permanent solution like it is with the surgeries but it still works I just tied a tight knot and I just want, to show you a before and an after where I had my hair down to now when it is, tied you can already see so much of a difference with this method the eyebrows, look more straight because they are also moved in the upward outward direction, but as you can see I have a pretty prominent arch so I'll have to make it,

not so prominent and I'll have to make my brows look straighter than they are, I'm going to first begin by using the benefit 24-hour brow setter this is a clear gel that will hold the brows in place for a long time you can also use a clear mascara if you have I'm going to be using the spoolie to brush my brow, hair upwards and outwards almost like feathered out brows that are looking pretty good of course, there's a little bit of shine which will dry up and now I'm going to be using the,

precisely my brow pencil from benefit this is in the shade 4.5 because I don't, want a big arch and I want my brows to be looking straight I'm going to cut, shorten the length of my brows and

then I'm going to mark the endpoint where I, want my brow to stop of course there's a little bit of hair underneath that which, we will cover using some concealer and then I'm going to start drawing the, lower border of my brows using the brow pencil so almost straightening it up and, once I have that border I'll fill in the sparse areas never use the pencil towards the inner, part of the brows because that'll make it look too harsh instead to keep it,

looking as natural as possible I just take the spoolie and I push some of the colors towards the inner part of the brows and here you can see a comparison, of the before and after the after looks so much straighter thicker and, feathered out next I'm going to clean up underneath the brows as well as my lid, space using some concealer and the one that

Makeup looks for hooded eyes

I use and have always been using, and we'll be using today is the Milaniconcealer in the shade 145 to clean up, under the brows I use the elf eyeliner brush and to prime my lids I'm using a flat shader brush from color-pop and then using some translucent powder, I'm using air spun I'm going to set my lid space just so the concealer doesn't, crease and the brush that I'm using is a small powder brush again from color-pop, to make everything easy for this look I’m going to be using some sellotape or, scotch tape in the corners just as a guide

I'm going to be sticking it as an extension of my lower lash line in the same direction and I'm going to leave a small gap in my lower lash line just to get that continuity when I use that eye, shadow so I can attach the lower lash line to the top lash line and everything looks well-balanced the eye shadow palette that I'll be using today is, going coconuts from color-pop because this is a neutral eyeshadow palette you, can use any neutral eyeshadows that you have if you don't you can also use bronzers

if you have different shades of bronzers let's look at this palette for, a minute now you can see different shades of Browns some are, lighter some are deeper from the palette I'm going to first, take one of the lighter shades of Brownswhich is the lovely bunch to apply it, I'll need the help of a blending brush this is the color-pop E9 and what I, love about this brush is it's tapered ontop so

I'm going to take the eyeshadow, and from the very outer corner of my eye I’m just going to start pushing the color outwards you don't have to worry about being precise because the sticky, tape is taking care of that for you all you have to do is dip your brush in the color from the very outer corner point of your eye start flicking it outwards, so just push the color outwards how far you want to push

it is dependent, on how lengthy you want your eyes to look next from the palette I'm going to, choose a shade that's a tad deeper than the first shade that we just used, and, for me, that's going to be a shell, yeah and I’m going to use this again with a, blending brush but the blending brush that I'll be using will be a tad smaller, than the first brush that we just used and the one that I'll be using is the color-pop e21

Makeup looks for hooded eyes

of my eye to the endpoint of, where I use the previous color so that way we create an ombre of colors the, deeper shades being in the outermost point of our eyes and as it moves, outwards and upwards it becomes lighter and lighter till it melts into the skin, tone and
I'm going to push some of that color towards the inner part of the lid, as well just to keep everything well balanced that way it doesn't look like,

we just started at the very outer corner and pushed it outwards now I'm going, back to the eyeshadow palette and I’m looking for a shade that's deeper than, the previous shade which is going to be nutty for me I'm just using matte, eyeshadows and I'm going to take this with a brush that is smaller than the, first two brushes that we used this is defined fluffy brush from Coastal Scents, and I'm going to repeat the previous step so

I'm going to use the shade in, the very outer point of my eye and push it outwards but this time I'm going to, keep it lower than how far I pushed the previous eyeshadow now let's go ahead and take off the tape as you can see the tape has taken care of those straight, edges and just getting that elongated eye look let's go ahead and clean up, below the eyes with some concealer you can stop at this apply some mascara and, lashes and call it done but I'm going to elongate it further in the inner corner,

I'm taking nutty once again with hilarity e 21 brush this is my favorite, liner brush I'm going to extend the inner part of my lash line going in the same direction again just pushing the color outwards very gently, and then I'm, going to join the tip to my lower lashline in the very inner corner and now my eyes look lifted they look, like they're elongated in the upward outward direction so that's the foxy eye, look that we're going for today now its time to add some finishing touches first,

I'm going to be using this highlighter by Ofra this is called start inspired, it's their collab with Samantha MarchI'm going to use this to highlight my, brow bones as well as inner corners by doing so you are attracting more light, towards your brow bones and inner corners that make your eyes look more, awake and alert and much bigger I'm going to be using a black eye, pencil in the very outer corner of my waterline

Makeup looks for hooded eyes

it just helps to cover up any, skin that’s showing in the outer corner before you use lashes mascara I'm going to be using the roller lash mascara from benefit cosmetics and the way I'll be applying, mascara is I'm concentrating much of it in the very outer part of my lashes and, I'm pushing it outwards for lashes because I have hooded eyes I want, something that's wispy where you can see the lid space but at the same time I, want something that wings out because again I want to maintain that elongated, eye look so

I'm going to be using the pixie lashes by the kiss but I'm going to, cut this into half and I'm just using the inner half of the lash in the outer, half of my lash line and the reason I’m using the inner part of the half is, that it blends well with my other lash hair the natural hair if you use, the outer half it can go from very less lash to all of a sudden a lot of lashes, and there is no continuity as you can see you can still see the lid space,

I'm going to repeat the previous step using this eyeshadow but, I'm going to stop midway I'm not going to go all the way to the end so, approximately somewhere between the endpoint

through these lashes, at the same time, it looks lifted and elongated in the outer, end and now I'm going to finish up with some mascara in my lower lashes again, doing the same focusing most of the mascara in the outer part of my lower, lashes and here's the completed eye look and let's just compare here's the before, and here's the after what a big difference it makes now let's finish up, the rest of the face for bronzer

I’m going to be using the Ofra bronzer duo, in River I'm just using the matte bronzer I like to use matte bronzers because you can almost contour your face with matte bronzers so that's exactly, what I'll be doing while I'm doing so I’d love to know what is your favorite, bronzer what is that you keep reaching out to just let me know in the comments, section below and the angled brush that

I'm using it from the drugstore it's ten, years old and it has no brand on it so I don’t know what brand it is but it's, still going strong I’m also going to be very lightly, contouring my nose and I'm starting just underneath the inner part of my brows, that helps to slender down the bridge of the nose the brush that I'm using is a, blending brush from focallure so I'm just going to use that to lightly contour and, blend everything out to make it look seamless my blush is also from Oprah, this is called Chick lit it's a blush duo comes

with a shine as well as a matte, blush again a collab with Samantha Marcheverything came in the same kit I'm just, using the matte blush I'm going to be using the highlighter one more time to, highlight the highest points of my face after I've applied it I always like to, use the powder puff to go over it that way everything settles into the skin and, it almost looks like the glow is coming from within as opposed to you know you, applied

Makeup looks for hooded eyes

a highlighter or makeup on top of your skin so it helps try, using a powder puff on top of your highlighters and even your blushes and, bronzers I wanted to keep this entire look as neutral and as wearable as, possible so I decided to go for a nude lipstick just to go with the neutral, theme this one's called bloom 2 bloom from,colour-pop it's a very mellowed down Brown nude and it has a very powdery matte, texture to it


I'm sure you know you can feel what I'm trying to say and it's a beautiful color first I'm going to be lining the borders with a Milani lip, pencil and then I'm going to use a color pop bloom 2 bloom to fill it up and, finish up and finally to lock my makeup and I'm, using the NYX setting spray to let’s look at the before just one more, time this is how I looked and here is the after although a very soft neutral, look you can see how much of a difference

it makes just by using this, the technique of lifting the eyes to give you that foxy eyes makeup look I hope, you enjoyed this let me know if you want to read more article like these, and don't forget to give me thumbs up if you enjoyed it please subscribe if, you're new here, you'll also find my social media links, there so if you plan to create this look.

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