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Makeup kit under 500

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My today's Article is affordable makeup products for college

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article is affordable makeup product for college girls and

i tried to keep all the makeup products under 500 rs i will put the link of all the

makeup products you can check it from there so lets start the

1st step of the makeup is primer here i am showing two primer which is very affordable


and very suitable for all skin types 1st patanjali aloe Vera gel,

you can use it as your primer and the second one is garnier

cream this is garnier skin natural light complete serum

cream and it has spf 19 after applying the primer 

next step is foundation but i prefer

bb and cc cream because it contain less chemicals 

but i will show you both the option for the bb cream 

there are two option 1st is garnier bb cream and 2nd is lakme 9 to 5 weight less

mousse foundation sometimes i feel dry so

i use this garnier bb cream when i feel oily

i use lakme bb cream It works as a bb cream

and this is the best bb cream in the market

so i like this one the most the garnier bb

cream is little bit oily and lakme one is

little bit dry so if you have oily skin you

can use lakme one if you have dry skin you

can go for garnier one.Now come to the

 foundation this is maybelline fit me foundation this

is one of the best foundation in the market

in a affordable range with good quality you

can feel something on your face because it

is foundation it is not a lightweight foundation has 

full coverage and it is good foundation 

for all skin types also again for one of my

favorite makeup product, it comes in a wide

range of shades which is also a good point

of this foundation.

lets come to the concealer I don't prefer concealer 

for office makeup but if you have dark under eye area 

or somewhere dark spots on your face

 then you use concealer to hide those

sports this is again from maybelline fit me

concealer best concealer in the market it

also comes in a affordable price which you

can afford it very easy and there is sale

going on nykaa you can buy it at less price

i show you the brush of this concealer and

it comes in two three or four shades i am

not sure but yes you will get your shade . lets

come to the face powder this is one of my

My favorite lakme absolute face powder comes 

in 6 or 7 shades. This is a very nice face powder.

it comes with the puff also so you can use

it with the puff if you are searching under

200 for face powder then this lakme one is

also good option i have huge range of lakme

products i have lakme skin care products lakme

makeup products and now let's come to the 

lipsticks i have posted a video of my skincare 

routine and i am using all the 

product of lakme absolute

i will put the link you can check it from

there this is again very affordable lakme

lipstick this is lakme absolute lip pout matte

the color of this lipstick is magenta magic

she the shade this is very very nice shade

you can use for college and office even i

have reviewed this lipstick.i will put the link you 

can lets come to the kajal mera makeup 

bina kajal ke kaise ho sakta hai to using this

maybelline one fine i may sing this again

long lasting very affordable and it comes

with this brush this is the maybelline product

which i love lets come to the eyeliner liquid

eyeliner to this is the lakme liquid eyeliner

it has a very nice smooth brush with very

nice tip so you can apply it very easily you

can make your wings very easily and this is

good for college girls it is matte black colour

thisis not smudge proof it can remove very

easily the makeup yes right now i am using

the maybelline total clean express makeup

remover thisis water proof now lets come to

the brushes if you are a beginner or if you

are a college going girl you dont have so

much time to take so many brushes and apply

so many makeup products i use only 2 brushes 

first is miniso brush this is a flat foundation brush 

i bought it for 150 rupees from miniso it makes the 

foundation very easily but it is not so soft i would not say

 this is one of the best brush but it is okay for beginners,

The 2nd one is i bought from new you store 

and it is very nice brush i use it as fan

brush or compact brush or foundation brush

this for 120 / rs that is all last but not

the least i don't prefer applying blush on

my cheeks while going for office or college

but i just want to show you the option this

is incolor blush but unfortunately it got

broke today this is the pigment of this blush

and this is again a very affordable price.

these are the makeup products for the beginners 

and for the college going girl for the office going girls all

 are very affordable and all comes in under 500 rs/ all 

the products are tried and tested lakme maybelline i am searching

for some good makeup spray can you suggest me 

under 500 rs let me know in the comments below if you 

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