how get abs in 2 weeks

how get abs in 2 weeks

Introduction of getting abs in 2 weeks

hey everyone today’s applica is just 10 minutes plants gonna be intense your abs will love you and hate you at the same time but it's gonna be with it so this one is Paul my - it shredding program to help me get closer to that beep my abs and this guy who is over here guys this program is all free so don't forget to smash that like button and subscribe and also tell an application

get abs in 2 weeks exercise Table 

  1. leg raise clap exercise

  2. reverse crunch exercise

  3. spider-man plank exercise

  4. crossbody mountain climber exercise

  5. Russian twist exercise 

  6. plank with hip dips exercise

  7. plank Jack's 

  8. hand up and down exercise

  9. crunches exercise

  10. up and down plank exercise

  11. plank exercise

  12. heel taps exercise

  13. bicycle crunches exercise

  14. reverse crunch exercise

  15. straight leg crunches exercise

  16. up and down plank exercise

All alright if you want to join in on this challenge do not forget to leave a comment down below if your progress or use my hashtag on Instagram or even create a video and tag me on Instagram have so that we can support one another and let's get started

information of getting abs in 2 weeks

all exercise today is 30seconds each and comes in the supersets we're doing two exercises back to back and we have a ten seconds break let’s get started 

If You have any Problems To do workout Please copy Exercise Name and Search on Google Don't  Do the wrong Exercise 
leg raise clap

the first exercise is leg raise clap lower down your legs slowly and lift them back up then crunch up and clap your hands make sure your back is flat on the ground when you lower your legs down as if y'all wanna injure your back

reverse crunch

no rest time here guys we are going straight into a reverse crunch with the hips off the ground using your core muscles to make sure you're engaging your core here

we have a ten seconds break and the next exercise is spider-man plank bring one leg to the side touching the elbow

now get ready to jump into cross body climber bring your knees in as close to the opposite elbow as possible and tighten up your core guys]

[Applause]]next up we'll have Russian twist do it slowly and control and my abs were burning so badly at this point]

in & out

we're going to jump into in & out straight away I'm really killing you guys here but breathing in as you extend your legs and breathe out as you bring your legs in and squeeze your abs

plank and hip dips

Rest up and have plank and hip dips this exercise is really great for the obliques]

plank Jack's

what does love feel like what does love feel like and now we're moving into plank Jack's straight away make sure you keep your core engaged and let's smash this you can do this

another quick rest and we'll have the hundreds bring your legs off the ground you can have your knees bent or straight then stop pumping your legs up and down this is super hot so if you need to take a little break it is totally okay]

get ready all crunches next squeeze those ABS guys we're more than halfway through you can do this]

up and down plank

rest up and rest up and down plank make sure your toys tight and engage in your butt is not poking up or dripping down]

now get ready into a plank position again make sure your core is tight and your glutes are engaged and tucked in]

heel taps exercise

well we have a little break and heel touches are next heel taps exercise with your hands and this is really great for the obliques too]

bicycle crunch

straight away on a bicycle crunch I know I’m really pushing you guys here but we are almost done with the workout guys keep going

reverse crunch

rest stop and web reverse crunch with late extension necks again make sure you’re using core muscles to live your hips top]

straight late crunch

now get ready full straight late crunch do a couple of punch pulses and you can do Benny crunch if you prefer that instead 

up and down plank

and the last exercise we have today is up-and-down plank let’s finish this guy's you can do this]

that's the workout I hope you have enjoyed this please smash that thumbs up button and subscribe and don't miss out on the new Blog and I'll see you soon]

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