Makeup for beginners tutorial

Makeup for beginners tutorial

Introduction Of Makeup for beginners tutorial

hi everyone welcomes back so in this blog I'm going to do a very natural-looking very soft everyday makeup tutorial now a lot of you have been requesting me to do a tutorial for more like a college-going girl or someone who goes to work so this is like a really easy look that you can reach out to almost every single day without thinking too much so if you guys want to know how I create the look then keep on reading 

Information of Makeup for beginners tutorial 

So I'm signing off with my favorite foundation at the moment this is the l'oreal infallible 24-hour foundation it lasts really long and love the finish that it has so I’m just going to take one pump of it on the back of my hand warm it up a little bit and then spread it all across my face you can use any foundation that you already own something that you are already comfortable with and something that you feel looks the best on you once spread the foundation all across my face

I’m going to use my Real Techniques buffing brush to blend the foundation in I’m just going to pull the foundation downwards like so starting from the center of my face and I feel this is how I get like the best up blend and the best coverage and I feel this is how the foundation spreads evenly all across my face 

it looks natural once my foundation is all blended in I’m going to take in concealer this is from Maybelline this is their fit me concealer and I'm in the shade medium now what I'm going to do is that I am going to take the concealer underneath my eyes and then

I'm going to apply this in the shape of an inverted triangle like so I’m going to do the same thing on the other side I'm also going to apply the concealer a little bit onto my Chinon the bridge of my nose and a little bit onto the center of my forehead and a little bit on my shoreline now

 I'm going to blend it using the same brush I’m going to set the places where I’ve used concealer using powder this is the Maybelline fit me powder and I'm going to use the same brush because ain’t nobody got time for that’s why so I'm just going to set the areas that I've applied the concealer injust dabbing

It, because we don’t want the powder too, move the base so I’m just going to lightly dab it on everywhere that I've applied the found another foundation the concealer and then if you want you can take like a fluffy brush and then just brush off a little bit more powder all around your face I'm going to slightly contour my face 

I'm going to use the Sephorathis is the pressed powder 8 hour mattifying pressed powder you can just buy any pressed powder which is like 2to 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone and then just use that to just add a little bit of color to your face so I'm just going to take that onto my slick slanted brush and then apply that to put light right here they starting from my your

lobes and then going forward I’m also going to take a color a little bit onto my forehead and also on my jawline like whatever is remaining to stake it on the jawline you feel like you’ve gone overboard just go back with the foundation brush and then just slightly blend away the edges I'm not going to use any blush for this look

I’m just going to highlight my face using the Savannah shimmer bricks and I’m going to take my fan brush to do so so what I like to do is just tap the brush on these two colors right here the colors on the top then tap off any of the excesses and then just go over onto the high points of my face so

I'm going to apply that right above where we applied the contour shade this gives a nice dewy finish to the look and it brightens up your skin and makes you look fresh and awake now for my eyes I’m going to keep it extremely simple

Maybelline palette

I’m going to use the Maybelline palette because it's really easily accessible and I'm going to take this gold shade right here and then apply that all across my eyelids so I'm just going to press the color all across my eyelid then I'm just going to take this brown shade right here and then I'm just going to use that on to my fries just to blend it that golden eyeshadow we applied now
Maybelline colossal Kajal

I want to take a smaller brush and pick up that same dark brown color and use that on my lower lash line want to take some pageant this is the Maybelline colossal Kajal in super black and apply that on my waterline now it's time for me to grow

my lashes now if you want you can go ahead and apply a liner onto your upper lash line as well but I'm not going to do so I just want to keep it real like basic like this one and now

I'm just going to apply mascara you can apply any mascara that you have anything that works well for your lashes going to be using the Too faced better than sex mascara and

I'm just going to wiggle it into my lashes can you see how awesome this mascara is oh my god and if you get mascara like this on your eyes just like I have I’ll just wait for it to dry before you don 'flaky and then it's easier to get rid of it and then just cover it up with some more eye shadow use an angled brush like this and use a soft brown color like this one here in the Maybelline the nudes palette just go over the natural shape

lip pencil

of my eyebrows for the lips, you can just use like areally nice nude lip pencil this one is from Maybelline and this one is called a velvet beige or you can also use the shade like this one is from the color bar kissable lip stain range and this one is in the shade hot latte we are the same shade so this is the finished look if you think this is too much for you then

You can use a lighter lipstick go a little lighter with the mascara and everything but I think it looks glamorous and it's a very simple nice everyday glam sort of makeup, yeah this is how the makeup looks like let me know what you guys think I really really liked the way it turned out and

before and after

yeah I love these lip colors you guys have been Ridding me for some time than you guys know how much I already adore the slip shade this is like my everyday go-to lip color I love this it’s just that it is a little drying but I love the shade so I don't care um I love the way the lashes look it looks so nice so yeah this is how the final look is 

I hope you guys like this Blog I think I'm just going to end the Blog with you guys being so close to my face yeah thank you so much for reading in this blog don't forget to subscribe to Blog it would mean the world to me you can read  all my other Blogs, here again, 

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